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Amazonite x Smoky Quartz | Large Heart Carving

Amazonite x Smoky Quartz | Large Heart Carving

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Approx. size

Medium: 60mm x 51mm

Large: 65mm x 57mm


Sign: Virgo

Element: Earth & Water

Amazonite is a stone of both masculine and feminine energies allowing us to see both sides of a problem and different points of view in a discussion.

While alleviating worry and fear and soothing emotional trauma, it dispels any negative energy, aggravation and blockages.

Amazonite works closely on the Heart Chakra, but it can soothe all other Charkas calming us and enhancing communication.


Intuitively chosen at time of order.

Crystals and stones

Please note that each crystals and specimens are unique. There may be slight variations from the gemstones pictured due to the natural characteristics of each stone.

Crystals and stones are a natural product, and as such it is normal that they may have small imperfections or blemishes.

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