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Brazilian Pink Guava Quartz | Tower

Brazilian Pink Guava Quartz | Tower

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Approx. height: 

Mini: 50mm - Small: 58mm - Medium: 65mm - Large: 72mm - X-Large: 74mm - XXLarge: 81mm

Power - Positive - Passion 

Sign : tbc

Element : tbc

Newly discovered, Guava Quartz is a rare quartz of love and connection, made up of Amphibole which provides connection to the highest level of spiritual experience, calling in your guardian angel, spirit guides, and higher beings.

It is known as a stone of power and amplifies any energy or intention. Guava Quartz is the Stone of Power and Positive IntentionIt is a fairly recent discovery in Brazilian Mines. Helps to understand your Life Purpose, balance to the conscious mind and helps you seize the day.

Intuitively chosen at time of order.

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