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Brazilian Pink Amethyst | Moon on Gold Stand

Brazilian Pink Amethyst | Moon on Gold Stand

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Balance - Self Love - Healing

Sign : Virgo

Element : Water

Pink Amethyst is a stone of deep emotional healing.

The frequency of Pink Amethyst connects to the heart, third eye, and crown chakras.

It stimulates these chakras so that one is open to giving and receiving love and friendship. The soft but powerful energy of Pink Amethyst enhances intuition and empowerment.

It is a high vibration stone that promotes a positive self-image, kindness to oneself and others, and encourages one to express themselves and be open to others. Pink Amethyst is said to be beneficial for anyone healing from past trauma.

The colour is due to the presence of Hematite or Manganese.

*The pictures do show a little darker hues then actual colours in person, they are each slightly lighter ✨

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