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Golden Healer | Heart Carving

Golden Healer | Heart Carving

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Approx. size

Small: 38mm x 33mm

Medium: 43mm x 40mm

Large: 50mm x  45mm


Golden Healer is believed to have several metaphysical benefits, including:

  1. Physical Healing: Golden Healer is said to promote physical healing and overall well-being, especially in the areas of the immune system and skin.

  2. Spiritual Healing: Golden Healer is believed to promote spiritual healing and growth, enhancing spiritual awareness and connection.

  3. Positive Energy: Golden Healer is said to radiate positive energy, promoting joy, happiness, and peace.

  4. Mental Clarity: Golden Healer is believed to promote mental clarity and focus, reducing stress and anxiety.

  5. Chakra Healing: Golden Healer is said to balance and align all the chakras, promoting overall health and well-being.

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